Episode 5- Z. Vex Effects

Today is the squirrliest, most sputtery effects company out there. The original boutique pedal company that paved the way for so many.- Z. Vex Effects. We get down and dirty with Trevor’s affinity for the unpredictable fuzz pedals that Zachary Vex concocts while exploring many of his achievements as well as his overall approach to the insanity that is being original in a saturated world of being a pedal builder. Also, we cover several of the artists that Zach Vex has employed over the years.

Linderman, M. (2011, April 21). Bootstrapped, profitable, and proud: The story of Z. Vex’ oddball effects pedals. Retrieved December 21, 2016, from Signalvnoise.com, https://signalvnoise.com/posts/2857-bootstrapped-profitable-and-proud-the-story-of-z-vex-oddball-effects-pedals
Rambo, N. (2015, January 15). Interviews: Zachary vex of Z.Vex effects. Retrieved from Tonereport.com, http://tonereport.com/blogs/interviews/zachary-vex-of-zvex-effects

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