Episode 11- SUNN Amps

This week, Trevor and Josh are joined by the knowledgeable (and hilarious) owner of Steamboat Amps, Jake Rynearson, to discuss the limited amount of information concerning the SUNN amplifier company. Everything from the bands that have utilized them, the brains behind the company, all the way to their ultimate demise. Also, we go in depth into Jake’s company, based in Houston, TX, and hear about his upcoming projects.

**Guitarcaster Smoke Break Session** by Obstcls and is titled “Pictures of Yourself”
***Be sure to check out Sonore Festival***

*Research Credit and Citation:*

Fliegler, R., & Eiche, J. F. (1993). Amps!: the other half of rock ‘n’ roll. Milwaukee, WI: H. Leonard Pub. Corp.
Thiele, A. N., “Loudspeakers in Vented Boxes: Parts I and II,” J. Audio Engineering Soc., Vol 19, No. 5, May 1971, pp 382-392 (Reprinted from a 1961 publication in Proc. IRE Australia).

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