Episode 15- Electro Harmonix

Trevor and Jake are joined this week by Steamboat Amplifiers’ Juan Magana in order to discuss the history of a legend within the guitar world, that is Electro Harmonix. The guys cover everything from Mike Mathews’ start to him losing the company, how he earned that company back and adapted after losing Electro Harmonix yet again! No one has paid more dues than Mike, and this is Guitarcaster’s tribute to the man that’s larger than life.

In addition to the EHX history lesson, Juan will blow your mind with the various mods he’s performed on Electro Harmonix pedals. Inquiries involving Juan to mod your pedals can be sent to JuanM@SteamboatAmpworks.com

This episode marks our first giveaway! Anyone from the lower 48 can email us this episode’s password at guitarcasterpodcast@gmail.com to enter the drawing for an Electro Harmonix Octave Multiplexer.

Guitarcaster Smoke Break Session by Vanilla Whale and is titled “One You Can’t Define”


*Research Credit and Citation:*

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Strauss, K. (2014, March 7). Rock And Roll, Russian Gangsters And Rising From The Dead: The Saga Of Electro-Harmonix.

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