Episode 19- Rickenbacker


This episode is a second attempt at a really interesting subject- The origins of Rickenbacker International Corporation, or RIC. Trevor is joined by Jake and Juan to discuss the foresight of Francis Hall, how little Adolph Richenbacker knew about guitars, and the many passions of George Beauchamp. Per usual, no stone was left unturned. So the boys dive into Beatle-Mania, the kitschy stuff that rickenbacker built, as well as the modern day masterpieces the are creating today.

Shoot Juan an email to JuanM@SteamboatAmpworks.com and see if he can mod your pedal or amp for you. Jake’s company, Steamboat Amplifiers,has been debuting new amps like its going out of style. Come play one at the Steamboat open house on February 8th at the store in Houston, Texas.

This episode builds upon last month’s giveaway! Anyone from the lower 48 can email us this episode’s password at guitarcasterpodcast@gmail.com to enter the drawing for an Earthquaker Devices Sea Machine v1.

**Guitarcaster Smoke Break Session** by Diplazar and is titled “Sparkie”

*Research Credit and Citation:*
Rickenbacker Guitar History. (2013). Retrieved from http://www.edroman.com/guitars/rickenbacker/info.htm
Modern history of Rickenbacker. Retrieved from http://www.rickenbacker.com/history_modern.asp

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