Episode 20- Reverb


Trevor is accompanied by a likely cast of heshers in order to discuss the many flavors that make up the phenomena of reverb. Only today they are recording at a new location! Huge thanks to Sugar Hill Studios for accommodating, entertaining, and most of all lending your services to Guitarcaster throughout this episode.

The guys cover the major reverb styles- Plate, Hall, Room, and Spring. Keeping on brand, the boys also mention the not so popular algorithms of reverb, leaving no stone unturned. Josh starts a guitarist specific cover band titled “The Ledge”, Jake informs us what Steamboat gear will be at NAMM booth 4952, Juan shares his process recording his new song, and Trevor breaks down some fun tricks you can do with reverb.

Shoot Juan an email to JuanM@SteamboatAmpworks.com and have him mod a pedal for you. Jake’s company, Steamboat Amplifiers, has been debuting new amps like its going out of style. Come play one of them at the Steamboat open house on February 8th, at the shop located in Houston, Texas.

The winner of our Sea Machine v1 is crowned this episode. In addition to all of this excitement, this episode marks a new giveaway! Anyone from the lower 48 states may email us this episode’s password at guitarcasterpodcast@gmail.com to enter the drawing for a DOD Bone Shaker distortion. The winner shall be announced on episode 22.

**Guitarcaster Smoke Break Session** by Juan’s band Red Palms and is a cover of “Is This It?”

*Research Credit and Citation:*

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