Episode 21- The Guitars of David Bowie pt.1


Trevor, Cool Josh, and Captain Jake come together this week to discuss the guitars of the Astro Man himself, David Bowie. This episode, covering his first twelve most important guitars, features 12 strings galore. From way before he ever broke out big, to the Dan Armstrong 341 he triumphantly poses with on the Sound + Vision compilation.
A rock n roll mystery is debunked by Trevor’s endless research, Josh floats even more mysteries concerning who wrote what on Nirvana songs, and Jake is there to clarify (or muddy up) everything between them. The boys briefly venture into the gear used by David Bowie’s guitarists, saving much of it for next episode – The part 2 return of The Guitars of David Bowie!

Shoot Juan an email to JuanM@SteamboatAmpworks.com and have him mod a pedal for you. Jake’s company, Steamboat Amplifiers, has been debuting new amps like its going out of style. Come play one of them at the Steamboat brick and mortar store, located in Houston, Texas.

In addition to all of this excitement, this episode marks the continuation of our latest giveaway. Anyone from the lower 48 states may email us this episode’s password at guitarcasterpodcast@gmail.com to enter the drawing for a DOD Bone Shaker distortion. The winner shall be announced on Episode 22 – The Guitars of David Bowie pt. 2.

Guitarcaster Smoke Break Session by Sam Turner and The Cactus Cats and is titled “Wanna be Your Man”

Be sure to visit Guitarcaster.com to order some stickers or to suggest a topic for the boys to cover.

*Research Credit and Citation:*
Eastwood, I. (2017, January 10). The Guitars Of David Bowie. Retrieved from http://www.myrareguitars.com/the-guitars-of-david-bowie

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