Episode 23.5- JHS Bonsai


As promised, Guitarcaster is bringing you a bonus mini-episode that is bound to get you stoked about the latest pedal to drop from JHS Pedals. That pedal being the Tube Screamer recreation pedal named The Bonsai.

This pedal features 9 different iterations of the legendary, op-amp negative feedback classic originally conceived by Ibanez and played by countless players. Those versions listed are TS-808, TS-9, MSL Power Series, TS-10, Exar OD-1, TS-7 (+Mode), Keely Mod Plus, and JHS Strong Mod.

Trevor walks listeners through this new pedal and plays a couple guitar licks through it. Be expecting a lot more of these “run-through” style episodes coming your way between official episode releases.

Recorded at Steamboat Amplifiers

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