Episode 28- Tape Delay

The normal cast of characters discuss a heavy briefing of the delay effect’s origins, in addition to a golden era of the effect. Maestro Echo Plex, Benson Echo Rec, Roland Space Echo, and Watkins Copicat, Guitarcaster even covers modern day recreations in pedalboard friendly formats. Juan lets us know about his upcoming build. Cool Josh is headed to Vermont. Trevor recommends a movie. Jake makes sense of a lot of questions.

This month marks the conclusion to our latest giveaway, Juan built a CE-1 preamp for a listener that rated and reviewed Guitarcaster on Apple Podcasts. Congratulations to Thad Pittman, this month’s winner. Stay tuned for more custom made giveaways!

Be sure to have Juan modify a boring old pedal of yours collecting dust in the closet or just have him build you something from scratch by getting ahold of him at juanM@steamboatampworks.com or his Instagram @PedalsByJuan.

Check out Jake’s work at Steamboatampworks.com
**Guitarcaster Smoke Break** brought to you by Kenny The Spider and is titled “Driveway Reality”

Be sure to visit Guitarcaster.com to show some love.

**Research Credit and Citations**

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