Episode 32- Garland Effects

*Email the password “Drew Carey” to Guitarcasterpodcast@gmail.com for your chance to win a Black Out muff style fuzz from Idiot Box effects.*

This episode: Trevor, Juan, and Jake get to know Patrick Garland, owner of Garland Effects. The quad discuss Patrick’s pedals: The Dos Armas, Symbiote Boost, Pink Drive, Cosmo Delay, and Rainy Day Chorus. Trevor considers naming this episode The Small Business Blues.

Have Juan modify your pedal by getting in touch at juanM@steamboatampworks.com

Guitarcaster Smoke Break brought to you by Tony Badd and is titled “Falling”

Visit Guitarcaster.com to purchase one of our brand new T-Shirts w/ free shipping and for details on our latest giveaway.

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