Episode 18- BOSS Chorus Ensemble

Trevor, Jake, Juan, and Cool Josh discuss, breakdown, and make fun of the legendary Chorus Ensemble series from BOSS/Roland- everything from the Jazz Chorus amplifiers that started it all to the modern day Wazacraft series and everything in between.

Episode 12- Aluminum Guitars pt.1

This week, Cool Josh and Trevor begin their exploration within the elitist realm of aluminum guitars. Be sure to tune in next week for the conclusion to our saga.

Episode 9- Charvel

From Wayne Charvel to Grover Jackson, and from Grover Jackson to IMC- this week’s episode spans the 80’s behemoth of a guitar company, the original hot rodded Strat builder, Charvel.

Episode 8- HIWATT

From Dave Reeves’ conception of the Hylite Electronics company, to Biacrown running the Hiwatt name into the ground.

Episode 7- Frank Zappa pt.2

In the conclusion episode to the Frank Zappa saga, Trevor and Josh tie up the loose ends where they left off last week with Zappa. From his Gibson Switchmaster to his one off SG, we have comprised the most concise gear related piece of media concerning Frank Zappa’s gear.

Episode 6- Frank Zappa pt.1

Frank Zappa from the cradle, all the way up to joining his first band. Serving as our first multi-segment episode, the facet that is Frank Zappa is too much to constrain to one episode. The latter half of the episode is dedicated to a guitar convention Trevor and Josh attended.

Episode 5- Z. Vex Effects

Zvex is serving as a current living legend within the guitar gear community. Paving the way as the original boutique pedal builder, Zachary Vex has since made some of the best fuzz pedals ever.

Episode 4- Pickups

A catchall for one of the coolest transducers… The pickup! Where would we be as guitarists without it?