Episode 23- JHS Pedals

In celebration of the JHS Bonsai release, the Guitarcaster boys are covering the flagship lineup of pedals coming from this…

Episode 20- Reverb

Trevor is accompanied by a likely cast of heshers in order to discuss the many flavors that make up the phenomena of reverb.

Episode 19- Rickenbacker

This episode is a second attempt at a really interesting subject- The origins of Rickenbacker International Corporation, or RIC. Trevor is joined by Jake and Juan to discuss the foresight of Francis Hall, how little Adolph Richenbacker knew about guitars, and the many passions of George Beauchamp. Per usual, no stone was left unturned. So the boys dive into Beatle-Mania, the kitschy stuff that rickenbacker built, as well as the modern day masterpieces the are creating today.

Episode 18- BOSS Chorus Ensemble

Trevor, Jake, Juan, and Cool Josh discuss, breakdown, and make fun of the legendary Chorus Ensemble series from BOSS/Roland- everything from the Jazz Chorus amplifiers that started it all to the modern day Wazacraft series and everything in between.

Episode 16- Fender Jaguar

Trevor, Captain Jake, and Juan discuss the Fender Jaguar on today’s episode. No stones were left unturned, covering everything from the Fender Mute system, floating vibratos, quick setup tips and tricks, all of the different signature guitars, as well as the various mods one can perform on their Fender Jaguar.